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See also packages to install fo AP


Useful Command

iwlist mlan0 scan
scan the Wifi frequencies to list what is out there
iw list
lists the capabilities of the Wifi card
iwconfig mlan0 channel 6 essid WV2X mode ad-hoc
setup the card in adhoc mode for V2X connectivity




Wifi - Client

owa4x_enable_wifi 1

ping -c3 0 > /dev/null
ip link set mlan0 up
ping -c3 0 > /dev/null
#ifconfig mlan0 netmask up
wpa_supplicant -Dwext -i mlan0 -c /home/debian/wpa.cfg -B


Restart the whole networking after cfg changes like in /etc/network/:

service networking restart

Wifi - adhoc

The module SPB209A supports ad-hoc (IBSS) mode.

We have tested it now communicating two owa4x on this mode. We have just followed the instructions on

The most important command among these that we have used here:

iwconfig mlan0 channel 1 essid MYNETWORK mode ad-hoc

Then you can set this mode in a wpa_supplicant configuration file (mode=1) to add security to the communication:

Another interesting link:


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