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I think my 128G UDMA7 CF is broken and makes Windows just just kickout the whole USB CF drive when it goes crazy.  Should buy a new one really.

So fastest trick to get the picture off is to :

Use the external Lexar 3-in-1 CF reader

Use robocopy command in DOS shell:  

Command:   robocopy c:\Sourcepath c:\Destpath /E /XC /XN /XO

Example:      robocopy H:\DCIM\106ND800 "d:\1-ToTransfer\2019-01-04 - San Diego - Anaheim" /E /XC /XN /XO

When the drive gets kicked out, then you need to :

1- Disconnect the USB cable from the Lexar drive

2- Remove the CF from the Lexar drive  (absolutely required)

3- Reconnect the USB and wait until the drive letters re-appear in windows

4- Only them do you re-insert the damn CF in the drive.  If you re-insert too soon, it will crapout almost immediately.

The nice part of robocopy is that it will patiently wait for the drive to re-appear to continue.

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