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Data Privacy

I believe people are willing to allow corporation and government to breach their privacy if it makes their lives easier. 

Probably because most people (me included) believe they don't engage in any wrongdoing in their life.  So what's the danger... As we know cultures evolve and are different all over the world.  The potential risk is when you have this 0.01% probability of bad person taking power through politics or massive amount of money and utilizing this data in a bad way.  This could even be a foreign government or body.  Google knows me better than my mom does, yet this knowledge is not stored in my country (just like if it "really" matters where it's stored ...).

This is an excellent example where I KNOW and understand that Google is "breaching" my privacy because they have a very good model of me.  I've tried to move to the DuckDuckGo search engine... and because Google knows that I'm a male, close to 50 and a software engineer that is interested in home renovation, all my search results are aimed in that general direction.  Including that vocabulary is VERY up to interpretation, so when I make a DuckDuckGo search, there are much less results on the topic I really want to read about, but it does have a lot of other results on how my search could be interpreted.  But that's why I went back to Google, it took me so much more time to use DuckDuckGo that I decided that my privacy was not worth all this wasted time...

I'm a fairly private person, so I don't publish much.  Two reasons for it:

  • I'm too busy to write my life on social media
  • And it is especially difficult to know how the information that I published today will impact my life 20 years from now.

My mother tongue is French Canadian.  Yes "French" and "French Canadian" is different.  It is as different as "British English" and "American English".  I write in English because there are more English readers than French Readers.  I also don't believe that a language defines a culture; Yes a culture will share the same language (how else could they share their culture if they can't talk to eachother???), but the language itself (the media that transport values and ideas) is NOT the culture.  So I have no shame writing in English and I don't believe I betray my culture by doing so.

I am a very left wing person, but with a sound financial base.  So yes to a fair re-distributaion of wealth in society (which is unbalanced today 2017), but NO for a to give everything for FREE to the population.  That is not sustainable in 2017 with the current technology we have.  So yes I feel I benefit unfairly from the unfair re-distribution of wealth our society has created and accepted, but that does not mean I agree with it.

What do I do with my personal time:

  • Build, renovate and maintain my house.  I love reno projects.
  • Build & Maintain my home network and IT solutions.  I have IT infrastructure that usually surpases where I work.
  • Repair all the stuff that we own that breaks.  We usually don't just go and buy new stuff.  That includes:
    • Car
    • Big Appliances
    • Small Appliances
    • Furniture
  • I am a big DIY.  Not just to save money, but to acquire the knowledge.  Some projects I know will cost me more to do than to buy.  But that is only a minority of the DIY projects I do.  It is usually DIFFICULT to spend more when you do it yourself than when you get someone or some company to do it for you.


DAMN! I think I've just connected the dots... ???

I've registered with CIBC so they'd tell me when someone checks for my credit ( Yeah, for security reasons, so does CIBC say) in case a stranger opens some account under my name.  Years ago...  I assume that CIBC needs my permission to be notified if my credit is checked, probably why this is optional.

Then, I open an account with a different bank, sure CIBC tells me that my credit was checked.  Fine, makes sense because I requested this. 

Next thing I know, a 1 to 2 weeks after, my financial planner wants to meet with me to review my portfolio.. To make sure I'm happy with the CIBC service...  That sure sounds like a monitoring system to me... I don't believe in coincidences. October 2018.

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