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Plex runs in a jail on FreeNAS.  For some reason... Probably because I've manual install Plex inside a plain VirtualBox 4.3.12 jail, and they are very limited on a BSD (not Linux) install... I need to start the start the Plex shell script  manually, until I get fed up with it and I create a service out of the start script...  But it happens so rarely, that I never get around to do it, plus I forget that I need to start it manually the 2 times I had to to it...

  1. Goto FreeNAS
  2. Menu Jail-ViewJail
  3. Goto PlexPass jail and open terminal
  4. cd /PlexMediaServer-
  5. ./ &    (Don't forget to run in background, else server exits on ^C)
  6. close shell

I've decided to pay the lifetime license because I find that PLEX is such a good piece of software and a great Movie multimedia player.  But the free version is FULLY FEATURED, only lacks unessential nice to have.  I highly recommend it. 

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