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Politick's Baltimore shrimp



2 kg4 lbsUnpeeled Raw shrimps
15 ml1 Table spoonTable Salt
15 ml1 Table spoonGround Pepper
90 ml6 Table spoonMustard Powder
30 ml2 Table spoonCaraway seeds
5 ml1 Tea spoonGround Jamaican allspice
5 ml1 Tea spoonWhole Clove
5 ml1 Tea spoonSage herb, powedered
2 liter1/2 gallonWhite Vinegar


  1. Place all the dry ingrediants in a bowl
  2. Using cold tap water, wash the shrimps thoroughly.
  3. Layer the shrimps and the spices in a large saucepan (say 3 o 4 layers)
  4. Cover the shrimps with the white vinegar until the vinigar level is to the top of the resting shrimps.
  5. Bring to a boil, then lower to medium and cook for 5 to 10 minutes until the shrimps are all pink.  The more you cook the shrimps, the harder they become but the more flavor they get.  Vary the time to your taste and texture.
  6. Drain the shrimps like pasta, leaving there all the spices that stuck to the shrimps . (i.e. Do not rinse in water )
  7. Serve immediately!   It cools down very fast so make sure everything else is ready.
  8. Enjoy with good company only!

Crevette Baltimore à la Politick



2 kg4 lbsCrevettes non cuites, non écaillées 
15 ml1 Table spoonSel de table
15 ml1 Table spoonPoivre moulu
90 ml6 Table spoonMoutarde sèche
30 ml2 Table spoonGraines de carvi
5 ml1 Tea spoonAllspice de Jamaique
5 ml1 Tea spoonClous de girofles entiers
5 ml1 Tea spoonSauge en poudre
2 liter1/2 gallonVinaigre blanc. (achetez un bidon de 4 litres !)

Laver et égoutter les crevettes. Alterner crevettes et épices dans un grand chaudron. Couvrir de vinaigre. Amenez à ébullition et cuire 5 à 10 minutes; jusqu’à ce que les crevettes soient roses. Égoutter et servir immédiatement.

Note : ça refroidit vite, donc assurez-vous que tout est prêt et que vos invités sont assis avant de partir le feu.

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